Latino groups to Obama: You owe Latinos the election, now pass immigration reform

Voters in a polling place in East Los Angeles on Tuesday (David McNew/Getty Images)
In initially off-the-record comments to the Des Moines Register's editors in October, President Barack Obama said that if he won re-election, he would owe it to Latinos.
"Should I win a second term," Obama said, "a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community."
Exit polls show the president's prediction was on the mark.
The national exit poll estimated that about 10 percent of those who voted in the presidential election identified as Hispanic, marking Latinos' highest-ever share of the electorate. Latinos backed Obama over challenger Mitt Romney a resounding 71 to 27 percent.
Gary Segura, a pollster for Latino Decisions and a professor at Stanford University, told reporters on Wednesday that he believes the exit poll understated Latinos' support for Obama by 4 points, and that the president actually won 75 percent of their vote.
Segura estimates that Latinos gave Obama an extra 2.3 percentage points in the popular vote. If Romney had managed to nab just 35 percent of Latinos, he would have won the popular vote, Segura said. (President George W. Bush captured at least that share of Latinos in 2000 and 2004, showing Republicans are backsliding with the group.)
Leaders of immigrant rights and Latino groups told reporters in a conference call on Wednesday that Obama owes his second term to Latino voters, and should repay them by passing comprehensive immigration reform. Obama promised to pass a law legalizing many of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country while he campaigned four years ago, and he's been chastised by Latino leaders for breaking his promise.
"Obama is going to return to the White House more energized to take these issues seriously," said Ben Monterroso, the director of Mi Familia Vota, a national organization that encourages Latinos to vote.
Eliseo Medina, secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union, said Latino voters had sent a message to Obama. "We expect leadership on comprehensive immigration reform in 2013," he said. "To both sides we say: 'No more excuses.'"
The heavy pro-Obama Latino vote also sends a message to the Republican Party, which needs to make inroads in the fast-growing Hispanic community to survive. Ana Navarro, a Miami-based Republican political strategist who had warned Republicans to take a softer tone on immigration if they wanted to win the election, wrote on Twitter that gaining only 27 percent of the Latino vote is a "disgrace."
Most Latino voters said in the Latino Decisions poll that the most important issues to them in this election were the economy and jobs. Thirty-five percent of the voters listed immigration reform as their key issue.
"Our party needs to realize that it's too old and too white and too male, and it needs to figure out how to catch up with the demographics of the country before it's too late," Al Cardenas, the head of the American Conservative Union, told Politico. "Our party needs a lot of work to do if we expect to be competitive in the near future."
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Principal's wife, 49, 'has sex with of her husband's pupils, 14'

Former Mayor/Principal's Wife Accused of Sexual Contact With One of His Students, 14 - Linda Lusk
First off, this isn't the first time we've heard a lawyer say "The truth will come out" after a story breaks that makes their client look really guilty. Unfortunately, we can't ever remember a case when "the truth" really did come out later to exonerate someone in a case like this. It's just something lawyers say before they tell their clients to plead guilty. We'll see if this story proves to be the exception to the rule.

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Second, there's lots of detail in this story, but here are the basics as we understand it:  Linda Lusk, 49, used to be the mayor or Prosser, WA and is currently married to the principal at Prosser High School, the same place where the boy she's accused of having inappropriate contact with goes to school (ouch!). According to reports the two exchanged increasingly inappropriate texts over several months, including an allegedly topless picture she sent to him. On April 28, the kid had only a half day of school, so he walked over to Lusk's nearby house where--according to police reports--she led him into the bedroom and "eventually touched his penis and asked him to touch her breasts, which he did." Later she felt guilty and went to talk to the boys parents, not realizing that junior had already likely bragged to his friends which got the attention of police who showed up at Lusk's house two hours later.
Lusk, a Tyee High School graduate, is accused of sexting and having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy.  The allegations surfaced after Lusk herself contacted the boy's mother and informed her of the relationship Lusk her self described as "inappropriate," according to the request for a protection order against the former mayor.

But her attorney said there's more to the story.  "Linda has a story to tell, and I think it's pretty compelling story to tell. And some day, her version will be told. Now's not the time, but the truth of what happened will come out," said attorney Scott Johnson.  Johnson refused to elaborate as the investigation is ongoing.  "There's a lot of rumor and innuendo, but I can tell you 99 percent of that is just untrue," she said. "Once all the investigation is done and once Linda gets a chance to tell her side, the actual truth will come out."

According to the statement of probable cause, the boy was questioned by his parents after they heard from Lusk. "She stated to me that she had grown very fond of my son over the past few years, and that he was a very great kid," the victim's mother wrote in the request for a protection order. "She informed me they had been texting each other for quite some time, and it had really gotten out of hand the past few months. She told me that it was inappropriate on her part and that she was sick to her stomach."

The boy told his parents "he had been exchanging texts with the defendant for a period of time," and that she had "sent him one text with a picture of herself partially undressed," the statement said.  The boy said he "went to defendant's house during his lunch hour on an early release day" in April.  "The juvenile, the 14-year-old boy, went to the defendant's house, she brought him into the bedroom and had sexual contact at that time," said Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller.
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How to work less and do better

Think pulling all-nighters in your office, bringing work home with you, and never releasing that clutch of death on your Blackberry is the only way to succeed in your job? Wrong. According to a recently published Harvard Business Review study, that ‘always on’ work ethic is probably doing you more harm than good. Working more efficiently and taking designated time off each week can actually improve your attitude in the office, your dialogue among team members, and it can also help spark new innovative processes.
Learn how to work less and do better at Open Forum.
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Glowing green sperm really get around

Fluorescent sperm are revealing new details about exactly what happens during insemination and fertilization. Researchers genetically altered fruit flies so their sperm heads were fluorescent red or green allowing scientists to observe in striking detail what happens to live sperm inside the female.
“Despite nearly a century of intensive and innovative work on the reproductive biology of the fruit fly, much of what we know about the female reproductive tract is a mystery,” says Scott Pitnick, a professor of biology at Syracuse University. “Our jaws hit the floor the first time we looked through a microscope and saw these glowing sperm. It turns out that they are constantly on the move within the female’s specialized sperm-storage organs and exhibit surprisingly complex behavior.”
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Top 5 infections you can pick up at the nail salon

How can a desire for well-groomed nails lead you straight to the doctor's office? It's not uncommon for hands and feet to get nicked and cut with all of the buffing and clipping that goes on. And wherever you have open wounds and a lot of skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact, you have a very good chance of picking up some gross bacteria or viruses.
While the majority of nail salon visits won't send you on your way with anything other than an excellent manicure and pedicure, customers -- and salon workers -- are at risk of spreading disease. We've got five culprits to watch out for.
  • Athlete's Foot: Unfortunately, the pedicure baths of a salon provide a breeding ground.
  • Swine Flu: H1N1 is a highly contagious strain of the flu virus. The virus can survive outside the body for up to eight hours, meaning that an infected customer at a salon can unknowingly booby-trap the establishment with the virus.
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Elton John's lover committed suicide after struggling to come to terms with sexuality

Sir Elton John has disclosed that a former lover threw himself to his death under a passing lorry because he could not reconcile his homosexuality with his Christian beliefs.
Elton John : Elton John's lover committed suicide after struggling to come to terms with sexuality
Elton John said he was deeply traumatised by the suicide of the man Photo: REX
The singer, 62, said he was deeply traumatised by the suicide of the man, with whom he had been involved in a relationship before he "married" David Furnish, a film-maker 15 years his junior, in 2005.
"Years back I had a relationship, and I had absolutely no idea in the world he was going to do this... he threw himself under a truck," Sir Elton said. "There was so much grief."
Mr Furnish told The Sunday Telegraph that the lover, whom he declined to name, had taken his life because he was traumatised by the clash between his Christianity and his sexual inclinations.
"He was so tortured by the conflicting views between his sexuality and his strong religious beliefs that he chose to take his own life," said Furnish, whom Sir Elton "married" in a ceremony at Windsor Guildhall on the first day that civil partnerships could be performed in England. "It is very sad indeed."
Mr Furnish, a former advertising executive, added that "out of respect" for the dead man's family he would not name him.
Sir Elton, who has a fortune estimated at £175 million, said his grief had inspired him to provide financial support for a stage play that opened in New York last week.
The couple are producers of the play, Next Fall, which documents the relationship between two homosexual men: one a young Christian from the southern states of America; the other, a non-believer. One of the men suffers an accident.
"It's the right timing for this," said Mr Furnish. "The religious divide between Right and Left has gotten wider, and so the rights of gay people never got back to where it was heading."
Sir Elton added: "Look, we all need love. We all have the same fears and insecurities. We should all be allowed to be free."
The disclosure by the flamboyant musician is likely to provoke much speculation about the identity of his late lover.
Sir Elton was known for his sexual promiscuity during the 1970s and 1980s when he struggled with addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs, and suffered from bulimia.
On Valentine's Day 1984, the musician, who has claimed that everyone is bisexual to a degree, caused widespread surprise by marrying Renate Blauel, German recording engineer, When they divorced four years later.
Sir Elton said he was "comfortable" being homosexual.
Mr Furnish said of Sir Elton, whose first sexual experience had been with a woman, the secretary Linda Woodrow: "For many, many years, he had a lot of demons stored away; a lot of skeletons in his closet. And he's learnt that a happy and burden-free life comes out of being honest."
Among Sir Elton's ex-lovers was John Reid, his former manager, with whom he was involved in an unsuccessful £8 million High Court battle in 2000.
During the case, in which the singer claimed that Reid mishandled his business affairs, he admitted spending £30 million in less than two years, including almost £15,000 a month on flowers.
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5 famous pairs of lips

They're the most sensual part of the body that's out there for all the world to see. They're vulnerable and expressive. Good lips are crucial to sexual attractiveness.
While some celebrity lips are admired for a while, others become icons. These 5 famous lips are among the most recognizable celebrity lips you're sure to know. See five famous pairs of lips at HowStuffWorks.
  • Angelina Jolie: One sign of the fame of Angelina's lips: There are Web sites on which people devote a good deal of time and energy discussing whether they're real.
  • Mick Jagger: As if anyone would ever forget them, Mick Jagger's lips are now enshrined in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. At an auction in September 2008, the museum paid $92,500 for the Rolling Stones' lips and tongue logo original artwork.
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